Studio 76 Body Butter

Footopia’s Body Butter has arrived

Introducing the first in our new range of Studio 76 products, Footopia’s Body Butter is far different from typical body butters, which are based on mineral oils or silicones – our product doesn’t contain these ingredients at all and is based on pure vegetal: butters, oils and extracts. That’s why our butter effectively improves skin hydration and lubrication for a long time.

It’s recommended for all skin types, but the most spectacular effects are observed on dry, mature and atopic skin.

Key features:

  • excellent lubrications (mango butter, shea butter and argan oil);
  • lubrication without grease feeling (doesn’t contain mineral oils);
  • anti-oxidant and anti-aging action (natural vitamin E rich in d-α tocopherol, most effective form of vitamin E);
  • good skin hydration (mango butter, shea butter, oils riches in Omega acids);­
  • anti-cellulite and gentle slimming effect (maximum dosage of natural caffeine);
  • very pleasant, gentle mango fragrance (hypoalergic fragrance composition);
  • parabens free, mineral oils free, silicones free, PEG free.